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Duodenal Switch Weight Loss Surgery

Duodenal Switch: A Combination of Techniques for Excellent Weight-Loss Results

The Duodenal Switch procedure achieves weight-loss results both by reducing the size of the stomach and by bypassing a portion of the digestive tract, like Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass, a similar bariatric procedure. Unlike both the Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass Surgery and LapBand® procedure, the Duodenal Switch leaves a slightly larger, vertically oriented stomach pouch (120 cc's compared to the 20 cc pouch in the Roux-en-Y and LapBand® procedures). To compensate for the larger stomach pouch, the Duodenal Switch relies upon a greater degree of malabsorption or intestinal bypass.

Excellent weight-loss results are achieved with the Duodenal Switch in two ways: by moderately restricting food intake and by fostering a moderate degree of malabsorption. The Duodenal Switch statistically has the highest weight loss of all surgeries - 80-85% of excess weight. This however comes with a slightly higher incidence of complications and can be associated with vitamin deficiencies if patients are not faithful about taking their vitamin supplements. An additional benefit of the Duodenal Switch is that it avoids the "Dumping Syndrome" which is associated with the gastric bypass.

How the Vertical Gastrectomy with Duodenal Switch Works

The duodenal switch is a three-part process requiring the following steps:

1. Removing 80% of the existing stomach, leaving a 120 cc capacity stomach pouch. This is not reversible.
2. Bypassing the upper portion of the small intestine, then connecting the lower portion of small intestine (ileum) directly to the duodenum at the exit of the stomach.
3. Connecting the bypassed section of small intestine, which carries necessary digestive juices, to the end section of the small intestine, thereby creating a relatively short "common limb" where food and digestive juices mix.

Key Factors in Duodenal Switch Weight-Loss Surgery

Although stomach-reduction plays an important role in weight-loss by limiting the amount of food a patient can consume, the greater weight-loss factor in the Duodenal Switch procedure is malabsorption, or the limitation of caloric absorption. Shortening the portion of the small intestine where digestive juices mix with food - also known as the common limb - allows patients to absorb less of the calories contained in the food they consume.

Consider Duodenal Switch Weight-Loss Surgery

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